Salchow-Euler-Salchow Combination (Debbie Warne-Jacobsen)

National level coach Debbie Warne-Jacobsen begins a series of videos covering a lesson for an adult skater who is working on her USFS Senior Free Skating test. The focus in this video is on the double salchow-Euler-double salchow combination jump. After warming up the double salchow, Debbie reminds the skater to focus on jump direction, stay patient with the non-axis side, and jump out on the first jump of the combo.

After a few attempts, Debbie asks for a single salchow-Euler-single salchow to work on the rhythm of the overall combination. Because the skater is “getting stuck” with the Euler, the next drill is salchow-Euler-salchow-Euler-salchow-Euler-salchow. Debbie asks for more pressure into the ice when going up into the Euler, more patience on the take-off, and the Eulers themselves to be more “snappy.” She also wants the skater “really nice and stretched out on the exit of the Euler for the next salchow.”

Next, the skater does a single salchow-Euler-double salchow and the video finishes with a mostly successful attempt at the double salchow-Euler-double salchow.


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