Serpentine Step Sequence – USFS Senior Moves Pt 2 (Karen Olson)

Moves in the field expert Karen Olson continues a discussion of the Serpentine Step Sequence from the USFS Senior Moves in the Field test.  To see Part 1 of this presentation, click here.  In this video, Karen is focused on the section of the serpentine pattern that travels through the center of the rink.  She begins by sharing something she calls the “caterpillar  drill” which she actually teaches initially to skaters at the pre-preliminary moves level (back inside edges).  The purpose of the drill is to teach strong back inside edges, particularly so the edges do not start out as flats or outside edges and then switch to inside edges.  The “hips against shoulder” action of the movement is critical.

Next, Karen does the “middle section” down the ice (back inside, back inside, back inside counter, forward inside rocker).  She offers tips to improve this, including keeping the free foot behind after the counter to set up for the rocker.  She also talks about alignment and keeping the hips forward throughout.


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