Serpentine Step Sequence – USFS Senior Moves Pt 4 (Karen Olson)

Moves in the field expert Karen Olson continues a discussion of the Serpentine Step Sequence from the USFS Senior Moves in the Field test.  Make sure to watch Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 before watching this part of the presentation.  In this video, Karen works on a challenging section of the pattern requiring excellent turn and step control (“the part coming out from the top”).  She notes that this is a common place for an error in the pattern to take place.  On this section, Karen says “Everybody wants to cut straight down ice rather than continuing to do a circle.”  She recommends doing repeated backward inside edges on a circle rather than on a straight line.

The next section, the forward inside bracket to the backward outside counter “is very challenging, and most people end up doing a change of edge 3 turn, not a counter.”  To address this, Karen isolates just these 2 turns and even draws out the turns on the ice to help clarify it for the skater.

As always, Karen recommends breaking down each section and mastering small parts of the pattern at a time.  For example, she has the skater repeat the forward cross stroke, cross behind, choctaw, choctaw, bracket (push back, push forward, start over) section just going down the ice.  At the end of the video, Karen offers tips for the cross strokes as well as the choctaws.


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