Serpentine Step Sequence – USFS Senior Moves Pt 3 (Karen Olson)

Moves in the field expert Karen Olson continues a discussion of the Serpentine Step Sequence from the USFS Senior Moves in the Field test.  To see Part 1 of this presentation, click here, and to see Part 2, click here.  In this video, Karen puts the pieces together for the sections she has worked in Part 1 and Part 2.

She explains that she typically draws the pattern onto the ice so the skater knows exactly what the goal is in terms of overall layout on the ice.  A lack of flow and speed is common when first putting the pattern together, so Karen dispenses with the 7 entry steps and just has the skater skate into the pattern at full speed.

Karen says, “So the thing I like to do when I’m first teaching this move is to really focus on the edge quality and flow.  Not the speed and not the quickness to start with.  I think when you focus on the speed and quickness too soon you end up having a skater not get the quality of turns that you want.”  She recommends building the quality of the turns and then build the speed and quickness.


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