Valuable Double Loop Drills (Debbie Warne-Jacobsen)

National level coach Debbie Warne-Jacobsen shares two important exercises for developing the double loop. These exercises are also valuable for learning double loop double loop combinations. The first exercise is performed at the wall, starting facing the wall with b0th feet in the setup position (two outside edges) and then turning up a quarter turn into the take-off while continuing to hold onto the wall. The skater starts on the blade and ends on the toe, while continuing to anchor the head towards the boards. This drill is excellent for learning to turn the axis hip while keeping the hips closed during take-off. Debbie says, “Our whole purpose with this is getting the right (axis) hip pushing up the diagonal into the rotation.” It’s also important to hit an h-position with internal rotation of the free hip, and the exercise also helps skaters learn to straighten the axis leg in the air. She has her skaters repeat this exercise 10 times, which requires strength.

The next exercise is repeating single loops (goal of 10) on a hockey circle without losing speed or allowing the circle size to get smaller. This exercise teaches flow, which is especially critical on the double loop combination jumps. Debbie says, “I want you feel like you’re jumping forward on every single one, and you’re jumping along the circle, and covering distance with every single one.” The drill is great for getting skaters to pivot all the way to forward prior to lifting off the ice. One error to watch out for is some skaters will swing (or pull) the free leg to create the flow and distance rather than correctly pivoting with the skating hip. Another thing to work on during this drill is keeping the axis leg straight in the air.


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