Double Toe Loop Combination Drills (Debbie Warne-Jacobsen)

National level coach Debbie Warne-Jacobsen offers exercises for working on two jump combinations where the second jump is a double toe loop. A great way to improve double double combos is to work on single double combinations. Debbie has the skaters to single lutz double toe loop, single flip double toe loop, and single loop double toe loop. These “simple” combinations are great for working on alignment and timing. Many skaters simply need to take more time between the jumps.

Next Debbie shares a drill where the skater lands the first jump of the combination with straight arms in front with the hands touching. She calls this position “needle” or “arrow” arms and it really helps with minimizing loss of control of the non-axis side on landing (pulling outside the circle). It also helps keep the upper body forward to improve alignment. After hitting the arrow or needle the position, the axis side arm drops and pulls back into the toe loop (or loop) wind-up position. Debbie has the skaters demonstrate a solo single flip with the needle landing, then a single flip single toe using needle between the jumps, and finally a single loop double toe loop using the needle arms concept.


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