Waltz Jump Game (Debbie Warne-Jacobsen)

National level coach Debbie Warne-Jacobsen shares an exercise that she calls The Waltz Jump Game. The purpose of this game is to help skaters who are working on axel or double axel to jump higher and create more jump distance in order to improve the overall jump direction. The idea is to have a skater start from a standstill and perform a waltz jump, and the coach marks the landing position on the ice. The goal is to have the skater start from the same spot on subsequent attempts, but land further away.

Debbie is trying to keep the take-off point the same each time (blue line) and isn’t as concerned that the starting point may move, as she accepts that the take-off edge may be longer when a skater to pushing harder into the jump. She says, “I don’t care if they’re getting more of their distance from the push or the jump. I want them to do both.” The game is fun for skaters, especially if you have multiple skaters competing against each other. This exercise can also be done using a bell jump or half axel. It can even be done with an axel, but it tends to work best with a waltz jump.


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