Salchow Class – Part 1 (Ryan Bradley)

US National Champion Ryan Bradley teaches a salchow class at the G2C Supercamp in the summer of 2013.  The energy level at the start of the class was due to the fact that the class was first thing in the morning.  Right from the start Ryan warns the class he tends to focus on the basics, even though the skaters in the class have doubles.  Ryan starts with the entrance and he discusses both the forward outside three turn entrance and the back outside three turn mohawk entrance.  He explains what he’s looking for and you can see good and bad examples from the skaters in the class.  This concept of fully controlling the entrance edge is incredibly important in jumping.

NOTE:  One of the primary things that sets really good coaches apart is the attention to detail and the willingness to work tirelessly on the fundamentals.  Although Ryan is a young coach, he’s clearly focused on the fundamentals.  Notice, he didn’t tell the class to go do a double salchow and then try to start the discussion there.  Instead he started with something that is extremely basic.  And you can see the class needed these reminders.


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