Improving the Loop Jump – Pt 2 (Ryan Bradley)

This video is a continuation of an advanced loop class by Ryan Bradley the G2C Supercamp in the summer of 2015.  In Part 1, Ryan offered a number of tips and some specific advice to help the skaters create edge pressure with very little effort or action from the shoulders and arms.

In this video, he asks the skaters to attempt double loops without doing “anything extra” with the shoulders and arms.  This advice is one way to get skaters to create more edge pressure for creating more rotation and height.  Notice the class doing double loops but almost everyone simply reverting to their “natural” double loop technique.

The real value in this video is Ryan’s description of the feeling of a properly executed triple loop.  He says when done correctly, “It’s the most natural feeling in the world.”  He continues, “When I do a good triple loop and I actually just relax and let myself focus on it, it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my entire career.”  Ryan also says, “Take that risk” of doing the jump correctly.  He also notes that triple loop is really necessary for all elite skaters, as “we’re at a point in our sport where you can’t really skip jumps anymore.”


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