Improving the Loop Jump – Pt 3 (Ryan Bradley)

This figure skating video is a continuation of an advanced loop class by Ryan Bradley at the G2C Supercamp in the summer of 2015.  In Part 1, Ryan offered a number of tips and some specific advice to help the skaters create edge pressure with very little effort or action from the shoulders and arms.  In Part 2, he asked the skaters to attempt double loops without doing “anything extra” with the shoulders and arms.

In this video, Ryan shows a drill for helping a skater reduce the tendency to yank or pull on the jump and simply keep the movements simple.  He demonstrates a back power three turn into a traveling backspin (twizzle).  After the class attempts the drill, Ryan offers them some advice regarding negative self-talk.  He tells a story that highlights it’s dangers.

Next Ryan has the class do a drill with 5 loop jumps in a row on a large circle, where one of the attempts is a double loop (not the first in the series) and the other 4 are single loops.  The purpose of the drill is to try to do exactly the same movements on the double as on the singles, while keeping the rhythm going from jump to jump.  He encourages the skaters to do the double at a different point in the sequence to master the drill.


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