Improving the Loop Jump – Pt 1 (Ryan Bradley)

Ryan Bradley teaches a loop jump class at the G2C Supercamp in the summer of 2015.  These exercises are appropriate for all skaters who have basic mastery of a single loop, although the class in the video are advanced skaters.  Ryan begins by working on a controlled back three turn where the turn is initiated with edge pressure rather than shoulder or head or even hip rotation.  He wants the rotation to start at the ice.  The way he describes it is common – keep the shoulders from moving and use the knees and ankles.  Notice the focus on control and alignment after the turn.

For the next exercise, Ryan adds a forward inside mohawk and a crossover so the exercise can be easily repeated.  Notice the focus again on keeping the shoulders still during the turn, and briefly proving control of the turn exit edge before doing the mohawk.  He also describes the desired motion for the axis (skating side) arm to simulate the jump movement.

Next Ryan asks for the same drill with a single loop and then a double loop.  He wants the shoulders still for the jumps, just like in the exercises earlier.  This forces the skater to improve alignment and to generate rotation for the jump using edge pressure.  Ryan says, “I shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the back three turn ‘take-off’ and the single loop take-off.”  Ryan wants the loop to just happen without being forced from the shoulders.


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