Figure Skating Spins – Sit Spin Part 2 (Kim Ryan)

Spin specialist Kim Ryan continues her spin class introduction to the sit spin.  This video reinforces and clarifies some of the things covered in Part 1 of this series.  In a discussion with the class, Kim asks if the skaters are taught to keep the left hand in front on the entry or if they’ve been taught to swim it or sweep it around on the entry.  There is no consensus, so Kim again explains why it is so important to keep the arm and hand still.  To clarify, she only wants it in front for the entry (“three quarters of a round”) and then the skater can put the arms and hands anywhere.

Kim offers a tip for coaches of young skaters who swim or sweep the left arm.  She draws a face on the thumb nail on their left hand so they can see it on the spin entry.  Kim offers additional insights, including a short discussion of starting a sit spin too high and “wasting” rotations or “rounds” in the upright or intermediate position.

To help the class feel the correct hip and body position on entry, Kim has the class stand on two feet, hinge forward from the hips while keeping the upper back and chin up strongly.  Notice the focus on hinging strongly at the waist.  Also, Kim wants equal pressure during the spin between the “big toe” and “baby toe.”  She wants the blade upright and the skater on the sweet spot, as opposed to the common error of dropping the blade into the spin circle.  To counteract this problem Kim says, “Try to put a little more pressure on your baby toe so you have equal pressure and try to keep it all lined up.”

For the sit spin demonstration, Kim would correct the swimming or sweeping left arm.  She says, “Make it easy on yourself.  Keep your body calm.  Fast sit spins happen in your legs, not your upper body.” Kim also prefers that skaters do not hold on to their leg in the spin.  And she finishes with a short discussion of trying to “rest” or relax as much as possible during spins to conserve energy in programs.


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