Figure Skating Spins – Sit Spin Part 3 (Kim Ryan)

Spin specialist Kim Ryan continues her spin class introduction to the sit spin.  In Part 1 Kim focused on the very basics, building from basic stationary dips.  In Part 2, she focuses primarily on the arms and proper arm movement for a sit spin.  In the video below, she begins with a tip to help skaters fix a sit spin position that is “falling.”  Pressure on the “baby toe” is a great tip to help all skaters get over the top of the spin.  Kim also focuses on having the skaters keep the body forward on the entry (she calls it a “hinge” at the waist).  She wants the skaters to stay down on a bent knee without rising up at the hook.

Next Kim focuses on increasing the spin speed in the middle of the spin.  She offers a number of great tips including anticipating the “slow spot” where the spin begins to slow, squeeze the center with the core, and move the hands in the direction of the spin (slight core twist).  She says, “Most people get into the spin and they sit there.  Don’t just sit there…. Work hard in the middle of the spin.”  Notice the focus on measuring results (number of rotations or “rounds”) which is the only way measurable improvements can be made.


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