Nuances of Partner Skating (Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue)

Olympians and 2018 US National Ice Dance Champions Madison Hubbell and Zach Donohue share partnering wisdom with a class of non-elite skaters. There is only one skating exercise in this video, but there’s a large volume of teaching by Madison and Zach on how to do the exercise (and all partnering) well. The exercise is a simple push back onto a back outside edge, while holding one’s outstretched partner’s hand. This kind of exercise typically must be done slowly to develop mastery, and the “feel” of the movements and connection with the partner are the most important aspects.

Madison and Zach also talk about why this kind of partnering is important, even for singles skaters. And the concept of “covering” for your partner in case of mistakes is a critical point, which applies as a life skills (as does so much of skating).

There are sections of the video that have poor audio, and other sections where the video camera is not pointed at the instructor (usually Madison). These moments are usually edited out of our videos, but in this case the teaching information (audio) was important and left as is.


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