Figure Skating Training Tools For Skating Choreography (Chris Conte)

Chris Conte discusses figure skating choreography.  In particular, he shares some of the tools of the trade for a traveling choreographer.  Chris offers many valuable insights about choreography in this video.

Notice that Chris places an emphasis on “developing the skater” through choreography and skating skill development.  He thinks of himself and other choreographers as developing artists (developing skaters) rather than the choreographer as the artist.

Here’s a list of Chris’s equipment:
1. Cold weather clothing and skates
2. Funny hat (helps break the ice with skaters!)
3. Markers
4. Hockey pucks (edge work and free leg extension)
5. Champion Cords (position development)
6. Laptop computer (music selections, music editing, music playing, etc)
7. Remote keyboard to operate sound from anywhere in the rink!
8. Tablet computer (archive programs with video capture, rule changes easy to access, note taking)

Chris covers more details about each in the video and shares a lot of insights about being a choreographer and the details about how to use these tools.  Notice how Chris uses technology at every stage of program development and in a variety of locations (such as on planes and in hotel rooms).

The number of traveling choreographers in the world is relatively small and it’s a special treat to get insights about this from Chris.  Please leave a comment below.


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