Basic Partner Skating – Part 1 (Barrett, Hubbell, Donohue)

The vast majority of the information at iCoachSkating is focused on singles skating and particularly, on how to figure skate singles or how to teach figure skating to a singles skater.  This video represents a slight deviation from this as this is about basic partner skating.  This video was recorded at a Grassroots to Champions summer Supercamp, where a partnering class was available to the camp participants.  The class was given by US Pair National Champion Jeremy Barrett, and US World ice dance competitors Madison Hubbell and Zach Donohue.

The initial focus in this video is on basic forward perimeter stroking with a partner, which requires unison and tracking, 2 concepts the typical singles skater has no experience with.  At the beginning of the video, Jeremy demonstrates proper tracking.  But after the class attempts it, Zach brings them back to focus on unison and how to create it.  Note in the video that Jeremy and Zach are wearing microphones and Madison is not, so the audio for Madison is very quiet.

Next, Jeremy demonstrates basic backwards partner crossovers.  He notes that the timing with a partner is typically slower to help with unison.  The tip to start “up” with straight legs and then bend for the first push is very helpful for setting the timing and creating unison from the initial movements.  The discussion of stride is helpful for skaters with vastly different leg lengths and crossover styles.


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