Basic Partner Skating – Part 2 (Barrett, Hubbell, Donohue)

This video is a continuation of a class on partner skating (see Part 1 here) by US National Pair Champion Jeremy Barrett and US World ice dancers Madison Hubbell and Zach Donohue.  In this video, they cover a lot of ground including tracking on offset circles, basic side by side waltz jumps, and a variety of partner spins.

Tracking on offset circles is a skill that is often challenging for even partner skaters with some experience.  The instructors in the video explain it and demonstrate it, but you can see the class has problems with it.  [Editor’s note:  One of the easiest ways to teach this is to have one skater skate on a hockey circle and then draw with a marker an offset circle for the other skater.  This helps skaters understand the concept and learn to track properly.  Sometimes drawing straight lines between the circles to illustrate where the skaters will be at the some time on the circles can be very helpful.  Once mastered on a drawn circle, it’s much easier for skaters to perform this skill anywhere on the rink.]

For basic side by side waltz jumps, notice the details on creating unison in the entrance, the jump itself, and the exit.  And the tips regarding partner spins are very helpful.  The idea of “leaning away” from each other to create tension before pulling in is foreign to the vast majority of singles skaters, who tend to lean toward each other and skate toward each other.  That kills the energy of the spin.  The concept, not described in this video, is this:  two people can generate more rotational energy together by leaning away and skating tangent to the circle and then pulling against the inertia, rather than simply having two singles skaters perform a spin next to each other (holding on) and creating all the spin energy from the entrance edge on the ice.  It’s also a lot safer!


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