Loop Jump as Second or Third Jump in Combination Jumps (Audrey Weisiger)

Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger discusses combination jumps with the loop jump as the second or third jump in the combination.  This is a continuation of Audrey’s discussion of combination jumps with the toe loop as the second or third jump (toe loop combinations).

Right from the start, Audrey addresses the need use the edge properly on the loop jump.  Many skaters try to do these combinations without an edge or a curve on the ice and they are making it very difficult for themselves.  So Audrey encourages her skaters that are working on double and triple loops to learn the appropriate back outside loop (from compulsory figures) as a way to develop edge pressure and control.  Audrey is aware that the shoulder position does not correlate between the two, so she offers a variation of the figure loop.  She shows a drill where the skater keeps the shoulders more neutral or into the circle but exits the figure loop by stepping onto the other skate (onto a back inside edge).  Audrey offers this important insight, “I think it’s really important that kids are really versatile on their landing foot.”  She demonstrates what she means, and comments “Teach them to strengthen their landing leg.  This is their lifeline.  In competition, this is the thing that will save them.”

Audrey continues by discussing how she builds the combination by landing the first jump in the “2-footed alignment position.”  These ideas and drills are very powerful and are typically very challenging for skaters landing doubles and triples (even singles).  She says, “I think learning to manipulate the landing edge is essential.”  See what she means in the video.  She also discusses the “pivot” onto the toe pick just prior to take off.  She draws a picture of the desired tracing left on the ice.  Notice the jump takes off forward from the toe pick and Audrey notes “it’s not a cheated take off.”

Audrey also discusses the concept of needing slightly less rotation on the first jump in loop combinations.  Many skaters describe the feeling of under-rotating the first jump a little bit so they can immediately feel the back outside edge of the loop take off.  Again, Audrey draws a picture to explain what she means.  She compares it to the exit of a forward inside three turn.

Audrey also addresses the head position and movement.  She repeats one of her important catch phrases, “nose over toes” to explains that the head does not pre-rotate ahead of the shoulders or hips.  She also explains that there is some shoulder movement in a double or triple loop.  (Most coaches including Audrey agree that a good goal is to minimize this shoulder pre-rotation so the shoulders never get significantly ahead of the hips rotationally.)  The drill Audrey shares at the end of the video is typically very challenging for skaters, but as she notes, most just figure it out with practice.  It’s a great way to ensure that the skater is generating the rotational forces for the loop jump correctly.

This is a great video with lots of important details.


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