Learning Double Jumps (Ryan Bradley)

2011 US Men’s Champion Ryan Bradley gives a skater a lesson on axel and double salchow. The value in sharing this video is in seeing how a coach like Ryan patiently demands more control from the skater. There are many ways a coach can ask for more control, and on the single axel Ryan focuses on being patient and climbing up into the jump. He says, “We want to open this take-off up. You don’t need to rotate so fast. Patience to get tall.”

On the double salchow, the skater lacks control after the 3-turn (using a forward outside 3-turn entrance). Ryan addresses this by focusing on posture and smaller arm movements. Skaters often have little awareness of their arms during jumps, and Ryan is forcing this skater to think about them in conjunction with having a still upper body with good posture. A great comment is “stay tall as you accelerate.” Ryan also notes, “To be fair, understanding a correction and actually feeling a correction are vastly different things.”

After improving the arms and the skater’s posture, the double salchow attempts are much improved. The skater lacks experience and confidence with the jump and therefore has a weak air position. Ryan says, “You rotated like Buddha” meaning the skater was too relaxed in the air. He continues, “Until this starts landing backwards every time, you’ve got to get comfortable with that squeeze.”


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