Double Salchow Development (Michelle Leigh)

In this figure skating video, World and Olympic coach Michelle Leigh is working with a skater to improve a relatively new double salchow. The focus is on control and timing. The skater is using a forward inside three turn entrance and Michelle is concerned he rushes the edge after the turn. She talks about the edge and how she likes the edge to “breathe” after the turn, meaning a flattening of the edge and even a slight change of edge (see Nick Perna’s concept of the “blurb”).

To get the timing, control and rhythm she wants, Michelle uses a crosscut (or back cross under) entrance which helps the skater feel the correct movement. This drill (or alternate entrance) also helps skaters feel how “around” the free leg should go. Notice how much more control the skater has after discussing the theory and doing the drills.


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