Kettlebells In Figure Skating – Deadlift And Core Twist (Kristina Hefty Anderson)

Strength and conditioning coach Kristina Anderson continues her discussion and demonstration of kettlebell training for figure skaters.  In this video, Kristina explains the deadlift with a set of core twists at the top.  She covers the exercise in detail and comments on the demonstration provided.  To do this properly, there’s a small release of the kettlebell at the top.  It’s important to keep the hips still during the core twists.  The elbows are tucked in tight to the skater’s sides.  As Kristina notes in th video, “This exercise focuses on the power of standing up, squeezing at the top, our core.  And you’re going to really notice in your abdominal muscles in the obliques as you’re twisting side to side.”  As with most kettlebell exercises, this exercise works and strengthens many parts of the body in a holistic way.  Kristina says, “The kettlebell is intended to be a whole gym in one piece.”  Please see the first five videos in this series here: basic kettlebell swingwhy use kettlebells for figure skatingkettlebell swing combinations,kettlebell rows, and using kettlebells for strength and cardio.


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