Kettlebell for Figure Skaters – Rows (Kristina Hefty Anderson)

Strength and conditioning coach Kristina Anderson continues her discussion and demonstration of kettlebell training for figure skaters.  In this video, Kristina covers kettlebell rows for building upper body strength, particularly for the back.  Strong back muscles are important for figure skaters because they are used to pull the arms in during jumps and spins.  These same back muscles are also heavily involved in the process of checking the rotation during jump landings.  They also help maintain good posture, which is an obvious benefit for all skaters.  Kristina and her demonstrator show basic rows as well as rows from a lunge.  Notice the focus on squeezing the shoulder blades together.  This ensures the proper muscles are engaged during the lift for maximum benefit.  Please see the first three videos in this series here: basic kettlebell swingwhy use kettlebells for figure skating, and kettlebell swing combinations.


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