Kettlebell Training For Advanced Figure Skaters (Kristina Hefty Anderson)

Strength and conditioning coach Kristina Anderson continues her discussion and demonstration of kettlebell training for figure skaters.  In this video, Kristina shares a couple more advanced kettlebell exercises.  Before beginning this level of kettlebell training, Kristina says, “Please make sure your skater has been doing some conditioning already.  They should have a strength base to their body before you throw them into a kettlebell exercise such as this.”  Kristina explains the “clean” and has the demonstrator shows a few repetitions.  Notice the same “pop” with the hips as discussed in the basic kettlebell swing.  Next Kristina teaches the “snatch” which she classifies as a very advanced kettlebell exercise.  She notes that the calorie burn for this exercise is comparable to running or swimming.  This exercise builds on the “clean” learned earlier.  It should be done in one motion without pausing.  The demonstrator shows another variation of this move that begins with a one-arm swing rather than a “clean.”  Please see the first six videos in this series here: basic kettlebell swingwhy use kettlebells for figure skatingkettlebell swing combinationskettlebell rowsusing kettlebells for strength and cardio, and the kettlebell deadlift with twists.


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