Kettlebell Training Tips – Combination for Cardio and Strength (Kristina Hefty Anderson)

Strength and conditioning coach Kristina Anderson continues her discussion and demonstration of kettlebell training for figure skaters.  In this video, Kristina covers the kettlebell combination of a half-burpee with a deadlift which offers a complete body workout.  The purpose of the exercise is to get the heart rate up for some cardio benefit as well as building strength of legs, hips, glutes, upper body, and core.  Kristina explains the exercise in detail.  She also offers a slightly harder version of the exercise.  Kristina notes, “If your skater ever loses form while doing exercises, please make sure to have them rest.  Don’t have them keep going.  Form is the most important thing here.”  Please see the first three videos in this series here: basic kettlebell swingwhy use kettlebells for figure skatingkettlebell swing combinations, and kettlebell rows.


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