Jump Patterns and Setup Tips, Part 3: Toe Loop (Kori Ade)

World and Olympic coach Kori Ade continues a multi-part series on jump setup patterns and jump teaching tips.  In Part 1, Kori discussed patterns and setups for the axel and in Part 2 she tackled the salchow. The demonstrator for this series is Jordan Moeller and his jumps are definitely worth modeling. In this video, Kori discusses the toe loop and she begins by explaining that she does not use the concept of a pivot to develop the jump.

Instead of a pivot, Kori has her skaters think of a toe loop movement as a choctaw where the skating foot and leg is “replaced” by the picking foot and leg. Most skaters who are learning a toe loop will not have any idea what a choctaw is, but Kori explains the replacement and calls it a choctaw to them. The choctaw movement helps the skater keep the jump moving through and it also releases the shoulders during the weight transfer. Kori notes that teaching the toe loop as a choctaw eliminates the tendency for skaters to do toe waltz jumps and toe axels instead of proper toe loops and double toe loops.

Another important tip to help with learning a toe loop is to simulate a salchow entry. Kori shows how to do this, making the toe loop and salchow have a very similar “look” to observers and a very similar “feel” to the skater. To make this work, it’s important to have the skater get used to having the free foot in front on the salchow. The skater can glide on 2 feet with the axis foot in front and the non-axis foot behind. By simply picking up the axis foot and turning through to forward, a salchow is created. By picking up the non-axis, then tapping it in and doing the choctaw movement to forward, a toe loop is created.

To end the video, Kori explains why she has skaters count in a foreign language to set the timing of the jump entry. She says, “It’s too easy to count in English and they can change the timing. Counting in a foreign language stops their brain (or) slows it down just enough that they have to think and time it perfectly.”


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