Jump Patterns and Setup Tips, Part 2: Salchow (Kori Ade)

World and Olympic coach Kori Ade continues a multi-part series on jump setup patterns.  In Part 1, Kori discussed patterns and setups for the axel. The demonstrator for this series is Jordan Moeller and his jumps are definitely worth modeling. In this video, Kori discusses the setup for the salchow and offers important teaching tips and concepts for the jump itself.

To start, Kori has Jordan show us her favorite salchow pattern, which is a very soft curve and utilizes a back outside three turn and mohawk to set the take-off edge. Kori notes that this works for skaters who can check or control the turn and mohawk and have a good sense of the jump motion through the pivot to forward at take-off.

For skaters who have problems with rotational control on the take-off edge, she uses a simple mohawk entrance. And she also makes a point of making sure a skater thoroughly understands the pivot to forward (technically a 3-turn). She has them look at the pivot and identify the “flag” and the toe pick marks (yes, a salchow takes off the toe pick!). She shows an exercise to help skaters who can’t do a pivot well.  The exercise consists of a back inside pivot and a turn of the whole leg including the hip. She has Jordan demonstrate the mohawk entrance going down the hockey line.

If a skater doesn’t understand the relationship between the two feet during the final part of the take-off edge and the pivot, Kori uses a steering wheel analogy. This forces a skater to keep their feet side-by-side but wide during this critical movement. This is similar to Chris Conte’s “magic circle” and it highlights the need to avoid letting the free foot come too far forward too soon (very common skating AND teaching error). Kori uses an actual tire which Jordan turns on the ice.


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