Jump Development Exercises Pt 10 – Lutz, Double Lutz (Chris Conte)

Chris Conte continues with Part 10 of a multi-part series on jump development exercises.  In this series, Chris provides a set of warm-up exercises with a variety of drills embedded in them to develop important jumping skills associated with axis, air position, head control, and strong powerful landings.  The drills are general and apply to all multi-rotation jumps and are not focused on specific-jump take-off methods or technique.  In Part 1, Chris introduced the “snizzle” which is a combination of “snap drill” and “twizzle.”  In Part 2, he showed some basic warm-up drills including the backward jump snizzle.  In Part 3, he covered a warm-up drill and a landing drill.  In Part 4 he revisited snizzles with his demonstrator.  And in Part 5 he introduced the “hop around.”  Part 6 focused on building an inside axel from the snizzle and Part 7 was about building the axel.  Part 8 covered salchow development and Part 9 focused on axel and double salchow.

In this video, Chris talks about the lutz.  Just like many young skaters, the demonstrator in the video had an edge-change problem on lutz, also known as a flutz.  Chris recommends the Nick Perna drills (Part 1, Part 2) to fix this but offered another similar drill on a tight back outside circle (similar to Michelle Leigh).

The real value in this video may be in the demonstrations.  Notice on the single lutz the gentle INSIDE edge before the active outside edge of the jump.  (Nick Perna refers to this as the “blurb.”)  This skater does the double the same way.  Slow motion versions of both the single and double are included at the end of the video for you to do additional study.  Chris makes it clear at the end of the video that fixing a flutz problem takes time and diligence.


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