Jump Development Exercises Pt 8 – Salchow and Ball Drill (Chris Conte)

Chris Conte continues with Part 8 of a multi-part series on jump development exercises.  In this series, Chris provides a set of warm-up exercises with a variety of drills embedded in them to develop important jumping skills associated with axis, air position, head control, and strong powerful landings.  The drills are general and apply to all multi-rotation jumps and are not focused on specific-jump take-off methods or technique.  In Part 1, Chris introduced the “snizzle” which is a combination of “snap drill” and “twizzle.”  In Part 2, he showed some basic warm-up drills including the backward jump snizzle.  In Part 3, he covered a warm-up drill and a landing drill.  In Part 4 he revisited snizzles with his demonstrator.  And in Part 5 he introduced the “hop around.”  Part 6 focused on building an inside axel from the snizzle and Part 7 was about building the axel.

In this video, Chris begins by explaining how he develops the salchow using the snizzle process.  He shows the setup briefly (notice entry on the circle, exit edge off three turn on flat tangent to circle).  Notice the phrase “close and small on the h” as a way to prevent the take-off from getting too open to do a good double, and more easily turn it into a triple.  Next Chris has the demonstrator do “walk-arounds on the circle.”  Chris mentions the tendency for this skater to open the arms on the drill and he corrects it.

After walk-arounds, Chris has the skater do “hop-arounds.”  Most coaches would identify this as a single salchow with a one-turn back spin.  But notice the precision of how it’s done based on the ideas Chris has presented in this series.  Next comes double salchows, but Chris has the skater do them on a circle, alternating repeatedly with hop-arounds.  Next Chris asks for “still landings” which simply mean the skater lands without releasing the arms to a normal landing position.

This leads to a discussion of another way to help a skater develop the awareness of the axis.  Chris uses a small ball and has the skater do exercises with the ball, eventually leading to actually jumping with the ball.  Holding the ball he has the skater do single snizzle, inside axel repeating.  Next is hop-arounds for single axel with the ball and then full single axels.


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