Jason Brown Learning Triple Axel (Kori Ade)

In this figure skating video, we sit in as Olympic coach Kori Ade gives Jason Brown a triple axel lesson.  At the time this video was taken, Jason had not yet started to land the triple axel.  A cameo appearance is made by yet another Olympic coach, Audrey Weisiger who also shares some of her thoughts during the lesson.  This video provides a rare glimpse into training methods used by top coaches and demonstrates how the collaboration of coaches can be effective at this level (and any level of skating).

By watching the video, you’ll see Jason’s positive attitude throughout, as well as some drills and concepts for creating more rotational energy and improving air positions.  If you’ve very astute you’ll also detect some frustration as Jason had been working on the triple axel for some time at this point.

One of the things we learn from Kori is that Jason is a video junkie.  She says, “He watches video after video after video after video.  He knows what it’s supposed to look like.”  This is a relatively common trait among elite skaters and young skaters with big goals should be watching lots of video too (of good jumps and spins).

At 1:24 in the video, Kori says this to Jason, “Now you’re not lighting the match.”  This is a reference that the right combination of pressure, speed and timing are needed to light a match.  Many skaters find this analogy very helpful.  (Another similar analogy is it takes the right pressure, speed, and timing to snap one’s fingers.)

Notice the short comment about keeping the free shoulder back longer, and the use of standstill double axels as a way to work on the edge pressure of the take-off.  Audrey offers the suggestion of pressing the heel through at take-off as a way to create more rotational force and energy just prior to pivoting off the toe pick and up into the air.

Thank you to Kori and Jason (and Audrey) for letting us all observe a part of this process.


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