Inside Edge Weight Shift Exercise (Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue)

2018 World Ice Dance Silver Medalists Madison Hubbell and Zach Donohue teach a class of skaters a repeating series of back inside edges. This exercise is performed on two feet, although the skater’s weight is nearly 100% on the inside edge of the outer skate on the lobe.

This exercise is almost always challenging for low- and mid-level skaters who have not done it before. To them it feels strange to be on two inside edges. They are typically so used to back crossovers which have them focused on the power of their outside edge, that they cannot easily feel how this works. Many are also unwilling to allow the lobe to come all the way around as Zach is teaching. Notice how much this class of skaters struggles with this “simple” exercise.

This drill is very useful for helping skaters develop power, not only in the push and transition during the change to the new lobe, but by learning controlled edge pressure on the lobes themselves. Skaters who master this exercise often have much higher confidence in skating backwards near the wall, as they know they can control the transition to a lobe that will allow them to avoid hitting the wall.


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