Flip Jump – Correct Inside Take-off Edge (Page Lipe)

In the figure skating video below, national and international coach Page Lipe shows exercises to help skaters use the correct edge when entering a flip jump. Although the lutz jump is typically more of a problem for skaters in terms of edge change, the flip edge can also be a major problem.

Throughout her 25 years of coaching experience, Page has noticed that some skaters are naturally flip jumpers, and as you would expect, glide on an inside edge without trying, while others are naturally inclined to glide on an outside edge, making the lutz jump take-off easier for them.  This may be due to to a number of factors, from how the edges are introduced and practiced to differences in the anatomy of each individual skater’s ankle joint and the flexibility of ligaments around the ankle and knee. (Anatomy and flexibility often cause a skater to either pronate, causing an inside edge, or supinate, causing an outside edge.

The first exercise Page introduces involves a choctaw, with a controlled backward inside edge and a hop to make sure the skater is balanced over the correct foot. When teaching this exercise Page notes the main focus is on the backward inside edge with the skater’s weight being balanced over the skating side rather than on the quality of the choctaw.   As a progression for this exercise she then has the skater hold an exercise ball to help with control of the upper body.  For the final progression, she has the skater add a flip jump while holding the exercise ball.  As a result, the skater takes off for the flip jump on a solid inside edge with control.

The next exercise is done using a hockey circle.  Instead of holding on to the exercise ball, this time the skater holds on to the imaginary circle they are on.  The purpose of this exercise is to get the skater on an inside edge by picking wider, or in this case, more inside the circle.

The final exercise is a backward inside edge followed by a pivot on the toe.  Page shares how to use this to help skaters feel what part of their foot to press on in order to be on the desired edge for the jump. At the end of the video, there is a short talk about having patience as a coach while fixing the error and the importance of drills in practice to make the correction in a program and most importantly in competition.


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