Inside Edge Drills – Developing Inside Edges (Pasquale Camerlengo)

World and Olympic figure skating coach and choreographer Pasquale Camerlengo explains how he develops stronger inside edges.  (See the introduction to this video here.)  The demonstrators in this video are World ice dance competitors Madison Hubbell and Zach Donohue.  The video begins with Zach doing a series of quick forward inside edges down the ice.  Notice the strength of each edge and the sound of each edge, even though the tempo of the steps is quite fast.  Pasquale notes this drill can be done backwards as well and most skaters prefer it backward as it is less scary.  But going backward, skaters have a tendency to rock to their toe picks which should be avoided.  When Pasquale says he wants it “silent” he means no “toe scratching.”  He still wants the sound of “edge crunch” associated with deep edges.

Next Zach shows the slower version of the inside edge drill, with large lobes and very deep edges.  One important tip offered by Pasquale is to press the hips forward when the edge deepens at the top of the lobe.  Watch Zach’s ankles closely in the video to see the edge pressure he is creating with ankle pronation.  Also notice knee and ankle rhythm and body carriage.  Pasquale explains the movement, and how the edge pressure is increased during the lobe.

Next Madison and Zach do this inside edge drill together and Pasquale notes that skating with a partner is harder since it also requires control of speed with respect to the partner.  Notice the body carriage and rhythmical movement of the knees and ankles as well as the bend before the push.


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