Improving Beginner Skills – Part 5 (Kate Charbonneau)

Coach Kate Charbonneau continues a general lesson with a beginner level skater, using program elements as a roadmap for the lesson. Part 1 focused on footwork and spins, and Part 2 focused on some jumps. Part 3 focused on spin entries, back power three turns, and the flip jump and Part 4 was about the lutz. In this video Kate works on improving the camel spin.

After watching one camel spin attempt, Kate asks the skater to focus on leading into the spin with both hands in front (although the skater misunderstands and does it on the wind-up) and riding the entry edge longer. Kate does a nice demonstration of what she’s looking for.

Like most beginning skaters, this skater keeps the upper body too high while spinning in the camel. Kate likens the solution to being a teeter-totter, where the skaters needs to bring the chest down a little and the leg up a little. The skater can feel the body being too high, but can’t seem to correct it. So Kate asks for a forward spiral with the body down more, and this is clearly difficult for this skater who needs more time working this simple drill.


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