Improving Beginner Skills – Part 1 (Kate Charbonneau)

Coach Kate Charbonneau begins a general lesson with a beginner level skater, using program elements as a roadmap for the lesson. Kate has the skater do some of the footwork and skating skills from her program, and not surprisingly Kate asks for more ankle bend. Notice the description of pressing into the tongue of the skate.

The next element Kate addresses is the sit spin. Rather than doing an upright spin and dropping into the sit spin position, Kate wants the skater to begin the spin lower.

The other spin in the program is a front scratch back scratch, and Kate focuses mainly on the back spin. Using the back pivot entrance, she has the skater lean more over the toe pick to fix the alignment. She also wants the skater to have the non-axis arm in front of the chest with the thumb up, and keep it there throughout the entry until pulling it in the for the spin itself. The thumb up keeps the shoulder open. Kate also comments on riding the entrance edge longer on the forward spin to help with centering.


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