Improving Beginner Skills – Part 2 (Kate Charbonneau)

Coach Kate Charbonneau continues a general lesson with a beginner level skater, using program elements as a roadmap for the lesson. Part 1 focused on footwork and spins, while this video focuses on jumps. After observing a waltz jump and a half loop, Kate decides to focus on a half loop salchow combination. On just the solo salchow, the skater has a very high free leg swing which is common at this level. Kate says, “After your three turn, try to keep your free leg lower and use your left (take-off) leg to push a little harder.” The goal is to help skaters at this level get away from relying on swinging the free leg too much.

After making that correction, Kate works a bit on edge pressure and having more control on the pivot to forward. She demonstrates the jump and explains the desired tracing to the skater which she describes as a “fish hook shape.” Also notice the very clear instruction to take-off forward on the jump. Another way of saying this is, “Take longer on your take-off.” Finally, Kate demonstrates the half loop salchow and the skater then attempts it. Notice the improvement in the salchow itself after the half loop, owing to the better free leg position on the half loop exit than on the three turn exit.

Next, on loop jump Kate again wants more edge control and a longer overall take-off edge, as well as a stronger h-position at take-off for added height.


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