Improving Beginner Skills – Part 3 (Kate Charbonneau)

Coach Kate Charbonneau continues a general lesson with a beginner level skater, using program elements as a roadmap for the lesson. Part 1 focused on footwork and spins, and Part 2 focused on some jumps. In this video, Kate has the skater run through the program to identify weak points to address with further coaching.

In the program, the skater rushes through the final spin and Kate focuses on it immediately. She demonstrates the desired spin entry edge, noting “you have to hold this [edge] way back around yourself.” One helpful tip here for coaches is to have skaters practice the elements on the ice where they are in the program.

Kate then changes the focus to improving the back power three turn that was part of the choreography in the program. For back power three turns, Kate wants a deeper knee bend as part of the power push for the turn, and she recommends a soft knee where the skater does not fully straighten the skating knee as part of the back three turn itself. There is still knee action and rhythm, but the focus changes more to keeping the free hip lifting. To help with this, Kate has this skater lift the free knee into an h-position to help “release” the turn and keep the skater aligned over the axis side.

To finish, Kate looks at a single flip, and encourage the skater to pivot more on the toe pick on the way up into the jump. She also wants the skater to stay off the toe picks during the entry steps to improve flow and make it “quieter.”


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