Improving Novice Moves – Part 4 (Kate Charbonneau)

Coach Kate Charbonneau continues a lesson for a skater working on her US Figure Skating Novice Moves in the Field test. The skater already knows the patterns, so this is an opportunity for Kate to help the skater improve them and get them ready to test. In Part 1, Kate worked on the Inside Three Turns/Rocker Choctaws pattern and started the Forward and Backward Outside Counters pattern. In Part 2, she continued with a discussion of the outside counters and then addressed the inside counters. In Part 3 they focused on forward loops, and this video focuses on the Backward Rocker Choctaw sequence.

Kate begins by demonstrating the pattern, noting that the cross behind is immediately followed by the back cross stroke and undercut into the next lobe (without pausing). After the skater skates the pattern, Kate asks for more knee bend prior to the rocker and then again after choctaw. Notice the vertical alignment of Kate’s upper body while demonstrating compared to the skater who has the upper body pitched forward, especially after the choctaw. As her final tip for this pattern, Kate asks the skater to look in the direction of travel (behind) after the choctaw “so it’s easier to pull your shoulder back.” The classic “look where you’re going” is very helpful here.


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