Improving Novice Moves – Part 2 (Kate Charbonneau)

Coach Kate Charbonneau continues a lesson for a skater working on her US Figure Skating Novice Moves in the Field test. The skater already knows the patterns, so this is an opportunity for Kate to help the skater improve them and get them ready to test. In the previous video, Kate worked on the Inside Three Turns/Rocker Choctaws pattern and started the Forward and Backward Outside Counters pattern. This video continues with a discussion of the outside counters and also looks at the inside counters.

After the skater skates the outside counter pattern again, Kate discusses free leg position and movement for counters. On back outside counters, Kate likes the free leg to be pulled strongly behind before the turn, collect for the turn, and then extend further behind after the turn. From the rear position, the free leg can then come forward to help create a powerful cross stroke for the next lobe. This method also shows “more control and extension” which judges want to see.

For the Forward and Backward Inside Counters pattern, Kate wants the free leg to start in a forward position and end in a forward position for the forward inside counter. This free leg position “looks better” and it also helps keep the skater “from changing edge too much.” For the back inside counters, Kate starts with the free foot in a collected position and pulls it strongly behind after the turn. The skater doesn’t skate the correct pattern, substituting a back inside rocker where the back inside counter is supposed to be. But Kate allows this initially to instead work on lobe size and timing. She wants the skater to have deeper lobes and take more time overall to create better edges. To get better timing, she skates with the student and eventually fixes the pattern so all the turns are counters.


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