Circle of Crossovers With Extensions (Kate Charbonneau)

Figure skating coach Kate Charbonneau teaches a crossover exercise that is performed on a single circle. It is a sequence consisting of 3 forward crossovers followed by an inside mohawk with an overhead arm extension and then 3 backward crossovers followed by a step forward with another extension. Kate wants deep knee bend and a low position on the crossovers and a very high extended position on the mohawk and step forward. The full sequence is repeated 3 times total, and the whole pattern is then skated in the other direction.

While the skaters demonstrate the pattern, Kate talks a little about developing the love for simply skating these types of patterns and skating fast. She says, “You should want to be the fastest one out there, but not many kids push themselves to do that.”

Skaters will likely struggle with getting low on the crossovers and fully extended on the mohawk/step. She says, “I want to see a huge exaggeration in the difference between the high and low positions.” Skaters should shoot for this exaggeration every time they skate.

Kate then talks about skating speed and taking command of the ice. Everyone, including coaches, judges, and other skaters automatically respond to skaters who skate fast. Kate says, “If you’re upset people are always getting in your way, take command of the ice. There is nothing disrespectful or mean about that. But if you want to be taken really seriously and really have control of the ice, you have to work for that.”


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