Improve Sit Spin Strength – Part 3 (Matthew Blair Davis)

Figure skating strength and conditioning expert Matthew Blair Davis continues his discussion on techniques for improving a skater’s strength for the sit spin.  In Part 1, he shared a progression of exercises that develop the necessary basic strength, balance, and awareness.  In Part 2, he continued with more insights and more difficult drills.  In this video, Matthew continues the progression of exercises, this time without the box.  He has the skater stand with her heel on a half foam roller (to keep the heel up), and still using the kettlebell in front, go down into the sit position.  This is a very difficult exercise.  The purpose of the foam roller is to simulate a skate (raised heel) and also to minimize issues with ankle mobility.

For the final progression in this series on sit spin strength, Matthew removes the half roller.  This is very challenging.  Matthew talks a little about the reason for the kettlebell in this exercise.  The kettlebell simply provides some balance for building strength, even though this is not the exact position the skater will have on the ice (without the kettlebell).  He also talks about possible errors with the knees collapsing inward and how to address it.


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