Improve Sit Spin Strength – Part 2 (Matthew Blair Davis)

Figure skating strength and conditioning expert Matthew Blair Davis continues his discussion on techniques for improving a skater’s strength for the sit spin.  In Part 1, he shared a progression of exercises that develop the necessary basic strength, balance, and awareness.  In this video, he continues with more insights and more difficult drills.

By using a smaller box, the drills automatically become more physically challenging.  Throughout this video, the skater holds a light kettlebell in front of the chest.  In the first progression, the skater starts sitting on the box, then stands up with two legs, then extends the free leg forward and sits slowly down on the box (under complete control).  The lower box ensures that the glutes and hamstrings are more fully engaged.

For the next progression, the skater both stands up and sits down using only one leg.  This can be very challenging for many young skaters or skaters that have not yet developed the necessary strength.  As Matthew notes, for skaters lacking the strength, the knee may have a tendency to buckle inward, or cave in.  He shares a valuable tip to fix this and train the proper muscle activation. By placing a hand on the outside of the knee and having the skater push against it slightly while standing up and sitting down, the knee will track properly and the correct muscles will be engaged.

To end the video, Matthew explains that skaters should do these exercises on both legs to develop muscle symmetry.  He also talks about finding and buying boxes, as well as using alternative items instead of specialized training boxes.


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