Off-Ice Training for Figure Skaters (Matthew Blair Davis)

Matthew Blair Davis shares some valuable off-ice workouts for figure skaters.  You can see similar videos focusing on vertical jump improvement here.  The three videos on this page are off-ice workouts for 3 separate skaters.  These videos are publicly available on YouTube, but we’re publishing them here at because they are important and very few skaters or coaches have seen them.  Please watch them as soon as possible, as does not have direct control of this video and it may be removed at any time.

In this first video, Matthew has created a workout to help improve the skater’s overall stamina.  Notice the circuit training aspect to this workout.  It’s important to train the individual exercises that are part of this kind of routine, so the skater isn’t fumbling through uncomfortable body movements while trying to get a good workout.


In the second video, Matthew has created another custom workout for a figure skater that includes some different exercises than in the video above.


In the third video, Matthew has created a very difficult and effective off-ice training routing for figure skaters to build core strength and endurance.  Core development is crucial to figure skating, and all skaters at the higher levels must have core strength and the ability to control that strength, even when tired.


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2 Responses to “Off-Ice Training for Figure Skaters (Matthew Blair Davis)”
  1. August 19, 2013 at 8:22 am

    jb Yes have seen them. Not sure of some of this. Just hope girls have equal training off ice in some form of dance for grace and artistry.

  2. August 20, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    Trevor These exercises are focused on building athleticism and not on grace or artistry. But grace and artistry are easier to create on the ice by athletes with strength, power, and flexibility. Some skaters are naturally gifted in terms of grace and artistry and need to focus on their athleticism and some skaters who are good athletes need to focus on developing grace and artistry. Top coaches recognize that nearly all athletes can be even more athletic, so these exercises apply to all skaters looking to optimize their ability on the ice.

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