Improve Sit Spin Strength – Part 1 (Matthew Blair Davis)

Matthew Blair Davis shares tips and techniques for improving a skater’s strength for the sit spin.  The sit spin requires significant strength in the legs and torso.  A lack of strength is a common limitation for skaters learning the sit spin, as expected in young skaters but also true for many adult skaters.

After a brief introduction, Matthew begins with the first of 6 different steps he uses to improve sit spin strength.  The first exercise has the skater sitting on a high box or chair holding a relatively light kettlebell, and standing up on two legs, then picking up one leg and placing it in front and sitting back down on the box.  The goal is to have a controlled descent and landing on the box.  The next stage of this drill has the skater also stand up on just one leg (rather than two), but everything else about the exercise remains the same.  Box size is important and should be about as high as the back of the skaters knee.


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