Important Jump Basics (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger gives a jump lesson. To start the lesson, Audrey wants a backspin and she follows this with a backspin in multiple free foot positions: h-position, d-position, and “2-toes.” The 2-toes position has the skater spinning with the legs side by side and the free toe pointed inward toward the skating toe. This exercise is particularly valuable for skaters who drop their free hip at any time during a back spin, which obviously includes the landing/spin exit. Notice how the skater struggles with maintaining his center and hip stability when attempting the 2-toes position. In the spin combination drill, the skater loses ankle contact, so Audrey uses her “ankle buzzer” to help the skater focus on ankle contact. Rather than using a buzzer, the ankle sleeve holds a “squeaker” which can be found at pet stores.

Next, Audrey has the skater do a backspin in h-position, then jump straight up and go to d-position in the air (ankle contact) prior to landing. This exercise is often referred to as “backspin double loop” or just “backspin loop.” This skater does this drill well. Audrey finishes the lesson by asking for a single loop with arms in a frame. The skater drops the free hip on landing, which can be corrected with lots of 2-toes backspin exercises or simply asking the skater to control it as Audrey does here.


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