How to Improve a Flying Camel (Kim Ryan)

Spin specialist Kim Ryan gives a flying camel lesson.  She begins by sharing a standstill drill that helps a skater develop an understanding of the proper movement of the hips and legs.  She starts by having the skater in a forward camel position against the wall.  She uses an imaginary “fence” that runs perpendicular to the wall that the skater has to lift one leg over, and then the other.  The challenge is lifting the second leg over the fence (most skaters will “kick the fence” as the demonstrator in the video does).

Kim wants this skater to use a backward crossover entrance for the flying camel.  Notice the focus on the hands and leg position for the back camel.  Kim likes the arms out to the side as a base position, allowing the skater to easily transition into other positions later.  To get the skater to straighten the free leg in the back camel, Kim asks the skater to flex the foot by pulling the toes up toward the knee to lock the knee.  So many skaters have problems locking out the free leg because they are constantly told to point their toes.  Flexing the toes really does work (and it doesn’t look funny as most people think it will).


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