Outside Edge Camel Spin – Part 1 (Kim Ryan)

Spin specialist Kim Ryan teaches a spin class how to do a forward outside edge camel spin.  Kim begins by acknowledging that there are many ways to achieve the goal, but she likes to start with the camel “base position” which she prefers “square.”  She explains the basic process as:  start in a strong base camel, then press the arms forward and bend the skating knee, then as you rise up out of the bent knee dip the skating shoulder to help get to the outside edge.

She has the class do base position camels and bend the skating knee without changing anything else about the position.  Kim explains a common “error” with hand position which makes the spin harder.  Instead she wants the arms to press forward and the hands to open upwards and forwards.  She talks about having “cupcakes on your hands.”  Kim says, “If you cannot balance on bending the knee, you’re going to have trouble changing edges.  As we rise (up out of the bended knee) then we’re going to shift our weight over (to the forward outside edge).”


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