Getting Dizzy From Spinning (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch offers a short discussion on dizziness and spinning. As Charyl notes, basically EVERYONE gets dizzy while spinning. So the goal isn’t to try not to get dizzy, but figure out ways to deal with it after the spin. In essence, Charyl offers this advice: after a spin, focus the eyes on something (“Spot something”) for a moment or two, and practice a lot of spins so your body gets accustomed to it and you either change to being less dizzy or the body simply adapts to going from being dizzy to not being dizzy more quickly after the spin is over.

Coaches can dramatically help a skater who is particularly dizzy by adjusting choreography accordingly, to give the skater just a moment longer to spot something and regain control. Most skaters simply accept being dizzy as part of spinning, but as Charyl notes, adult skaters often struggle with this since it seems to them there must be a cure.


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