Fun With Advanced Layback Spins (Bobbe Shire)

Figure skating spin specialist Bobbe Shire talks about using the layback spin to maximize IJS points and simply to have fun with. At the beginning, Bobbe discusses trying to get a level 4 call for a layback as a spin in one position with a change of foot. Before beginning, Bobbe discusses the importance of warming and stretching the back prior to any layback work. The safest way to stretch the back is to pull up before arching backward. She also explains that exhaling during the spin is helpful. She says, “Your body finds it’s natural center much better when you exhale, and no spin lasts long enough that you’re going to suffocate.”

The level 4 spin Bobbe and her skater are working on is a back entrance into back side layback (level), edge change (level), push to forward layback into haircutter (level) and Biellmann (level). The demonstrator doesn’t get a good push into the forward layback, but you get the idea of the spin.

Just for fun, Bobbe has the skater demonstrate a flying camel with the body turned sideways (partial layover) into a back layback. Bobbe says, “This is probably not worth anything in levels, it’s just pretty.” It’s also a good spin for accomplished spinners looking for a technical challenge.


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