Flying Camel Spin Tips Video (Bobbe Shire)

Bobbe Shire discusses the flying camel spin and comments on some demonstrations.  As Bobbe notes at the beginning of the video, please review Audrey Weisiger’s Flying Camel video.  This video is relatively short as Bobbe did not want to repeat all the information in Audrey’s video.

First Bobbe explains how the flying camel is judged.  Particularly important is, “They want your legs to be out behind you.  One of the big mistakes is that the legs hang down.”  As Bobbe notes, this error is caused either by “standing up” or not letting the legs swing wide enough.  This is one of the most common errors in flying camel and this error is epidemic at lower levels.  Bobbe uses the mental trick of the “rope and the cement bucket.”  Notice that she applies this not only to the free leg on entry but to the other leg (jumping leg) after take-off.

Editors note: A common primary cause of the legs hanging down for most skaters learning a flying camel is fear.  Many skaters are simply afraid to let the free leg swing around before take-off and the take-off leg swing around after lift-off because they won’t have anything directly under them to land on for a split second.  This is necessary however in a good flying camel and coaches should explain this clearly to their timid skaters (and show them the video on this page).  There is a moment in the flying camel where the legs are stretched out behind and there is nothing under the skater.  This “scary” moment is over in a split second and the natural physics of the body’s movement automatically bring the landing foot under the skater in time for the landing.

Bobbe also offers hints for landing and keeping the rotational energy from the entry.  She focuses on alignment, a soft landing knee and patience when straightening up into the back camel.

The demonstrations and Bobbe’s comments are valuable.  See the slow motion clips at the end to clearly see the leg position in the air.  For a split second there really isn’t anything under the skater.


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