Tips for Change Edge Camel Spin (Bobbe Shire)

Figure skating spin specialist Bobbe Shire explains how she teaches a change edge camel. She begins by teaching the change edge using a forward upright spin. She explains that the hook on the original forward spin entry has a three turn, and the change of edge is also a three turn. In the forward upright, she has the skater lift the free knee into a strong h-position, arms in a hoop, and a very strong upright stretched body position (“tall from the hips”).

Bobbe explains the process of changing edge in detail including where the weight needs to be on the blade and where the skating foot should point. After a skater can do it with an upright, Bobbe has them try it in the camel spin. To help with the edge change in the camel, she tells the skater, “Put your hands down and pull your back away from it.” Bobbe explains the step by step order of events to learn it as quickly as possible, but she notes, “Once you know how to change your edge, as soon as you think about it it’s going to change.”


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